Monday, November 21, 2011

D.C. Day 5 - Home

We left this day which was very sad for everyone. We had an unbelievable time and are really thankful for having such great friends. We are so appreciative of them for letting us in their home for so many days. N was so sad when we left and so was I. We don't get to see them very often and they are moving out of the country so it could be a long time. I am grateful we were able to spend some time with them though while they are still here in the U.S.

This is what L does while the boys are being rowdy.

A sneak peak of what breakfast looked like. :)

They all became such great friends!

D.C. Day 4 - The Capital

Day 4 we took the kids to the Museum of American History and the capital. The American History Museum was a lot neater than I thought it was going to be. It had all kinds of fun things for the kids. Cars, trains, trucks, boats and a cafeteria for mom and dad. :) I definitely recommend it if you have small kids.

He loves trains.

He got to sit on the bus which I don't believe he has ever done. He was thrilled!

My sweet boy just hanging out.

Of course he was trying to sneak under. He wanted to play in the cars so bad.

Loved the trains!!

He was very concerned about this man at first then he went up and shook his hand and started talking to him. Hilarious!

He was so good the whole time. I was so proud of him.

We sat at the pond a while because N loves to watch the ducks.

I love my boys so much!

Apples were his favorite this trip. I think he is all appled out though.

Dad had to throw mom in a picture.

He doesn't like to take pictures without someone in there with him.

We did a tour of the capital but I won't bore you with those pictures. A couple of funny things though. You watch a video before you go on the tour in a big theater. When the movie was over they turned the lights on and it was still really quite because everyone was waiting for instructions. Noah yells out, "Okay let's get out of here guys." Everyone got a good laugh out of that. Then as we did the tour you wear headphones so the guide doesn't have to yell. When the guy would say, "Can you hear me?" N would yell at him, "Yes!" Anytime he said anything he would yell it. It was really quite a fun experience for touring the capital. :)

D.C. Day 3 - Exploring

In the morning Nick and I went to the Art History Museum by ourselves. We knew the kids would be bored out of their minds so our friends were nice enough to watch them for a few hours. It was nice to spend some time by ourselves. Both of us really love art. Nick a lot more than me but my favorite are sculptures. I could look at them all day.

This was Nick's doing.

By the art history museum is the sculpture garden. This is a trip wrapped in metal. Kind of Neat.

Early afternoon we went back and got the kiddos and took them to some fun museums, The Natural History Museum and the Air and Space Museum. They were in Heaven! Both of them love animals, cars and airplanes.

Checking out the history of dinosaurs. :)

Daddy got to tell him all about them. So sweet.

Chubsters was having fun too. He did that from the stroller though so mom didn't lose her mind.

Pilot one day? Maybe.

Touring an old plane.

I really enjoy taking my kids on trips with me so they can learn and explore the world as well. I get so much joy from watching them take everything in. We had so much fun that day!

Yes it has been 21 days!

I'm just going to catch you up a little on the hectic chaos that has been going on with the house. Our counter tops got put in a couple of weeks ago. I can't express how much I love each of them!Our painted island without being distressed. This is pre-faux painting on the cabinets in the back as well.

Yellow River fav!!

We got rid of our construction door and got our real front door. It was almost lost by the company but they found it thank goodness.

Our mantle before being painted and tiled.

Nick got hardware on the door.

Plumbing fixtures got put in!

Master sinks...they are one of my favorite things of our bathroom.

There is quite a bit more done now but pictures haven't been taken yet. As soon as I get pictures taken and an extra moment again I'll try and post. We are only about 3 weeks away from move in!! I'm getting so excited!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Painted House

Our house is done being painted!! The only painting left is fauxing the cabinets and any touch-up that has to be done. Thank goodness! This is crunch month for us. We hope to be done in 5 weeks.

Most of the house got painted Kilim Beige

The Keeping and Study were painted Aloof Grey

More kitchen. That is not the finished color for the island and all the cabinets will get fauxed.

Gris in the guest bed and bath.

Reflection in the Master bed and bath.

The tile work is also progressing as well. The guest bath shower is completely done being grouted and everything. The upstairs is almost complete and the only thing downstairs to do is the powder bath.

Master is still a working progress.

The guest and boys bathroom floors are this tile that looks like wood. Love!

Guest has been grouted!I really like the way it turned out

You can see the sparkles in the deco a little bit.

I'm super excited about what is being installed today! I'll show you later this week. :)


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love to see what people dress up as, I love the decorations, and I love the candy! :) This year wasn't as fun for me though. All my decorations are in storage so we didn't use those. During the Yamboree at my parents house we have an annual Halloween party, but since we didn't make it up this year and I'm the one that usually does the planning that didn't happen either. I love making all the treats that go along with the holiday too and I didn't do anything! I did successfully get costumes for my children though. It was the first year that Noah had an opinion about what he wanted to wear. We looked everywhere for something for him. He finally decided to be Batman but we could not find the one he wanted in his size so I headed to Kid-to-Kid to see if maybe they had something. Luckily, they did! Elmo!!! I saw it and knew he would love it. He doesn't even watch Sesame Street and never really has but he knows Elmo and likes him.

My cuties!

They also had a Mickey Mouse costume that I knew was perfect for Brock. The ears squeak when you squeeze them favorite part. $22 later and 2 great costumes and I was done. Thank you Kid-to-Kid.

Saturday we had a Trunk-or-Treat at church. Food, games, and trick-or-treating...what more could a child ask for.

So excited!

Wondering where he can find more candy.

Donut on a string.

Monday night we headed to my sisters to Trick-or-Treat with them. The kids just have more fun with their cousins on holidays and I love the memories they make. They had tons of fun and we candied out when we got home. They were so tired they both slept in until 9:30! That was nice for me. :)

Elmo, Mickey Mouse, Rapunzel with her Pascal, and a Rocket (for Judson rockets).